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by on October 8, 2015 Marketing

That’s 8 and ⅓ years per minute. Not a very long video considering the timespan Cornell media producer Micah Cormier covers in this tribute to the Big Red’s sesquicentennial.

Who still looks at a video’s duration when they’re deciding whether or not to watch? For me, movie length is rarely a factor when considering what to see at the cinema. If I’m going to gripe about duration, it’s because a movie is too short. I want my money’s worth.

So why do we discriminate against length on the internet? Because most of what’s on the internet isn’t very good. If we’re going to watch something that isn’t very good, we don’t want to watch much of it, even if admission is free.

Glorious to View is very good. But don’t take my word for it. Read the YouTube and Facebook comments before you join the 110K+ Cornellians who have watched it in the first 5 months. And you should watch it – all 18 minutes of stunning aerial footage and expertly lit, black & white interviews. My only critique: there’s less than 30 seconds of screen time devoted to Cornell’s campus in winter. Hear how Micah managed to record everything else during Ithaca’s one month without snow.

Is it a fight to exceed the arbitrary 2-minute mark at your school? What’s the longest video you’ve gotten past the censors?

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