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The time has come to build a more connected community of college and university video producers. Most of this country’s nearly 5,000 institutions of higher education have at least one staffer with “video” or “multimedia” in his/her title. We are crafting compelling visual stories, as well as offering technical support and instruction for university marketing and communications offices, alumni relations and development divisions, admissions, athletic departments, graduate programs, libraries, etc. By regularly showcasing our work and philosophies, we can start learning more directly from one another. This blog features a gallery of videos that can provide inspiration and insight. Let’s also talk about your creative processes, preferred workflows, gear recommendations, passions, goals, and frustrations. Share your higher ed video observations, predictions, recommendations, rants, or stories from the trenches. Reach out when you have a video to share or a post to contribute.

kVl_3OF2Joe Case @joeacase was the first in-house video producer for Northeastern University’s Marketing and Communications Office over six years ago. He now leads the multimedia production team in Advancement, creating short documentaries and promotional content for the alumni community. His first higher education video job was for his alma mater Columbia University, where he played basketball as an undergrad. After a short tour in the French professional hoops circuit, he returned to Columbia to pursue his MFA at the graduate film school. His contribution to Frank’s Arbitrary Rules Board (see below): Don’t default to the university mascot or president. He’s constantly breaking this rule.

iImVXzJHFrank Hegyi @frank_hegyi started at Northeastern in 2014. With an extensive background in cinematography and digital filmmaking, he believes that video has the unique ability to make a personal connection with a large number of people. He has a burning passion for workflow design, cable management, and nailing focus. While attending Syracuse, Frank was President of the University Film Club and the only undergraduate student selected to be a teaching assistant at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication. In addition to his responsibilities behind Northeastern’s A camera, Frank maintains the Arbitrary Rules board for Advancement’s video team. Rule #2: Never Mime Conversation.

Share your arbitrary rules. We read all the comments.

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  1. Joshua Edmonds says:


    My name is Joshua Edmonds, Visual Media Specialist at Central College in Pella, IA. I’m a big fan of this site and the information you all share. It seems that video is just now starting to blossom within the Higher Ed community and I’ve been having trouble finding conferences that focus on it with the exception of a workshop here and there. I was wondering if there were any Higher Ed conferences you attend and find beneficial to your work?



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