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by on July 15, 2016 Podcast

If you’re planning an international video project, your first step should be to find a fixer; someone who can help navigate unfamiliar territory and culture, as well as provide production assistance. Weeks before departing for Malawi on his first international assignment for Rice University, Brandon Martin followed through on the advice of a colleague and reached out to Ernest M’banga (@fixer_malawi on Twitter). The connection saved him precious time (Brandon had less than a week to capture footage for 7 different projects), Kwacha (the currency of Malawi), and maybe even a beating. With Ernest on his crew, Brandon was able to focus on his mission — providing a compelling answer to a commonly asked question: “What is Rice University doing in Malawi?”

Listen to episode 17 of the Video for Colleges podcast and learn how to pitch an international video project (hint: reverse psychology), prepare for inevitable but unpredictable obstacles, and ensure that your first trip abroad won’t be your last.

Watch two of Brandon’s Malawi videos and follow him on Twitter (@BranMart) or subscribe to Rice University on YouTube so you’ll know when there’s more.

In the podcast intro, co-host Frank Hegyi shares what he learned from the 5-day American Society of Cinematographer’s Master Class in Los Angeles.

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  1. Thanks again for having me on the podcast and featuring Rice University. The comments after I was on brought a tear to my eye!

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