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by on September 1, 2015 Lessons

Ira Glass is the mastermind behind This American Life (the best radio show in recent memory and the world’s most popular podcast). In this fantastic video, he breaks down exactly what makes an engaging story and how to tell it in an interesting way.

Online marketing is all about storytelling.

That idea gets thrown around a lot, but I think our industry needs a refresher on what the word “story” actually means. Next time you’re tempted to assemble a collection of soundbites into a 2 minute montage, challenge yourself to find a story that will demonstrate your points instead.

If there’s no story to tell, rethink your medium. Why spend the time and money on a video if a bulleted list would convey the same information in a more efficient way?

PS: Make sure to watch the rest of Ira’s interview (that was only part 1 of 4). 

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