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by on February 5, 2016 Podcast

Duke University produces a high volume of videos inside and outside the Office of News & Communications. Most of them don’t actually come from our guests on episode 12 of the V4C Podcast. Cara Rousseau manages social media strategy across the school, leading the team that runs the main Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Periscope, and YouTube accounts. She doesn’t press the tweet, post, publish or broadcast button anymore, but she could if she wanted to. That’s real power.

Sonja Foust works closely with Cara to make sure that videos are getting in front of the right audiences. But first she has to find media that’s worth sharing. Content curation is a big part of Sonja’s job. “I look at everything that everybody produces every day so that I can pick out what we’re going to highlight.” The Duke University homepage features four videos in its “Duke in Action” section. As of this post, only one comes from the main YouTube account. The other three are from Duke Forward (Advancement), WNCN (local news), and the Duke Lemur Center.

If you’re a higher ed video producer, it’s probably a good idea to stay on your social media managers’ good side(s). Cross them, and your videos might only go out on Google+.

Before listening to episode 12, check out Cara’s SlideShare presentation titled Sharing Video on Facebook. Using four videos from the Duke media gallery, she examined the difference in engagement when posting YouTube links on Facebook versus native uploads. The results seem to indicate that Facebook uploads generate better social engagement (views, likes, comments, and shares), but don’t lead to better media engagement (clicks and average view time). Find out how this data has led to new ideas about video production and distribution.

In the spirit of experimentation, we recorded the podcast intro in glorious 360 video and learned a valuable lesson that we’d like to pass along. There needs to be more space between the 360 camera rig and the immediate foreground. Otherwise, the footage won’t stitch together cleanly and you’ll see every seam. We’ll be recording more examples over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for an in-depth review of the 360Heros 7x GoPro rig. 

2 Responses to Podcast #12 – Cara Rousseau and Sonja Foust (Duke)

  1. Adam Phipps says:

    Great discussion on the recent trends in tracking that ever-elusive metric of “success” in the context of promotional and institutional college content.

    I’d be curious to hear discussion around the increasing need for transcription and closed captioning services in the digital age, especially as a one-man-band video producer for a small DIII college. There are a variety of file formats, 3rd-party captioning services, and textual options to choose from, and I wouldn’t mind seeing what y’all have used and recommend, from a design perspective.

    • Joe Case says:

      Thanks for the non-spam comment, Adam. Most of our comments start like this: “I actually get pleasure from, result in I stumbled upon just what I was seeking.”
      We’re getting ready for season 2 of the podcast, which will be more topic-driven. Adding closed captioning to the list. Have you noticed anyone in our space that’s doing it well?

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