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Mark your calendar for NAB 2017. It’s been slated for April 22 – 27, which isn’t an ideal time to take off if you make videos for a university with early-May commencement events. Fear not. In episode 16 of the podcast, Taylor Stakes tells you how to make a more compelling “send me to Vegas for 6 days on the college’s dime” pitch. Better yet, just let Taylor call your boss. In his four years as Trinity University’s Video and Web Multimedia Content Developer, he’s become an NAB regular.

“It’s important to hear from other professionals that have the same pains we do and how they work through it and what tools they’re using to alleviate those pains.”

You’ll be able to make an even stronger case if there are more of us in attendance next year. We could even coordinate an official higher ed video meet-up. Plans are already underway.

In the meantime, Taylor will catch you up on what you missed this year. In addition to sharing his favorite discoveries, we talk at length about 360 video applications.  Want to go in on an OZO? They’re only $6K, $16K, $60K.

NAB 2016 - OZO booth

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