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In the early days of the University of Dayton’s Media Production Group, Mike Kurtz ran a self-supporting production department, charging internal clients for video work with the expectation of breaking even each year. They had to cover almost all of their operating costs, from salaries to phone lines. Rent was the only amenity.

Because university budgets were tight, he didn’t get enough internal requests to stay consistently busy. So Mike got creative. He turned his attention to Dayton’s business community.

“Business was not exactly booming on campus so we looked outside to grow our business and support ourselves.”

By the early 2000s, UD’s Media Production Group earned a reputation as the area’s top vendor. Tyler Back, Principal Director of Mitosis Creative, was a high school student with aspirations of making broadcast commercials. Mike was a mentor.

“In the Dayton area, Media Production Group was the best of the best in the region. In terms of the corporate video world, there was no one who could touch their quality and creativity.”

Mike still has a handful of external clients, but he’s more focused on the University of Dayton’s video needs. The growth in demand coincided with YouTube’s rise in popularity, particularly with the university’s target audiences. When prospective students or alumni searched for University of Dayton, would they find institutionally sanctioned content or footage from a frat party?

Listen to episode 19 to hear how Mike’s video strategy has evolved over three decades.

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