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by on June 25, 2016 Featured

FSU FB vs YouTube 02

Florida State University recently uploaded the same research video to both Facebook and YouTube. We’ve come to expect a view count discrepancy thanks to Facebook’s generous interpretation of what constitutes a view (though I’ve noticed more stringent criteria as of late). Even with the inflated stats, the difference between 312K and 12K is stark. Is this phenomenon common across higher ed? Is it starting to change the way you define your videos’ success? Has anyone abandoned YouTube?

Share examples of Facebook videos that dramatically outperformed their YouTube counterparts. Does the reverse still happen?

3 Responses to Where do videos go?

  1. Catherine says:

    We get better exposure on YouTube, but share videos on our facebook page to drive traffic. Promoted posts on fb get better numbers and those we post to fb as native files. Depending on the subject or featured speaker, YouTube is still a great place for people to find and view videos, even for higher education. As a department of a larger university entity, I believe this is particularly true.

    • Joe Case says:

      It looks like you have videos on YouTube and Vimeo that are worth uploading natively to Facebook rather than just posting links. The last native upload from Jan 2015 got over 18k views. More importantly, look at those comments. It doesn’t look like you’re getting that kind of engagement on YouTube or Vimeo. Not many in higher ed do. Try it with Learning in the Field (https://vimeo.com/172750230) and see how it performs.

  2. Lisa Crawford says:

    We upload to both. Our Facebook posts almost always out perform our YouTube posts. In addition, our audience is more engaging through Facebook rather than YouTube. For example, last year’s holiday video received 2,654 views on YouTube, but 46,371 views on Facebook. In defense of YouTube, we do need to update our YouTube page to reflect some of our stronger videos.

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