What Every MOOC Should Aspire to Be: Lynda.com’s Drum Sound Engineering

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by on September 23, 2015 Online Classes

It’s been ~5 years since MOOCs first promised to take over the world, but it still hasn’t happened. I’m not surprised, considering that they all suck. Coursera (and all the others) amassed huge libraries of courses, but it’s rare to see a MOOC that isn’t a webcam in the back of a classroom or a screen capture + VO.

That’s why I was so surprised when my buddy told me Lynda.com was the place to get the definitive education on modern rock drum recording. For those of you who aren’t drummers, sitting in on a Josh Freese recording session is like getting a computer science lesson from Bill Gates.

That’s the beauty of MOOCs! Instead of paying a music professor to teach the same class over and over again every semester, you pay Josh Freese a bunch of money once, and then you’ve got the definitive MOOC until the technology changes or no one cares about Josh Freese anymore.

If you’ve got a Lynda.com membership, check out the full course. They nail the production. It’s not one of those courses with a fancy trailer, but then the rest of the course is actually screen cap + VO. The team meticulously cut together all the right shots with all the right sounds. You can actually hear the engineer dial it in, and the VO comes in at the right times to provide more explanation.

If you know anyone else stepping up their MOOC game, leave a link the in comments.

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